Business Owners need supportive tools to manage the emotions that surface when leading people and processes.

As a Dare To Lead™ Trained Professional you’ll gain observable and measurable skills that support your goals and dreams.

The skills of daring leadership will help you:

  • Process the feelings that come up with business ownership
  • Make decisions with ease
  • Delegate with clarity
  • Develop greater self-trust
  • Demonstrate your values in your behaviors
  • Have those hard but necessary conversations
  • Recover from setbacks more quickly
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Increase your confidence

Business ownership is often described as a personal development experience, which is a businessy way of saying it brings up a lot of emotions.

Brené Brown’s empirically-based research uncovered that emotions are the most challenging part of leading processes and people. Thankfully, it also identified observable, measurable, and learnable skills to support us in moving forward.

The research showed that in response to emotions like fear, frustration, confusion, shame, stress, and low confidence, we protect ourselves in ways that can end up bogging us down and blocking our dreams.

The skills of daring leadership support business owners in identifying emotions and processing them so that our big visions can grow and thrive.

This is not another course you purchase and don’t end up completing.

By participating in 24 hours of class and study time over eight short weeks, you will learn to integrate the Skills of Daring Leadership into your business practices.

Investing in the tools we need to feel supported in our businesses makes good business sense.